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The first store in Japan of “UNION Los Angeles”. UNION started in Manhattan NY in 1989, immediately known for gathering unique street items from all over the world. Even after relocating to Los Angeles, UNION is considered one of the leading retailers in the street scene. With ideas from the current owner Chris Gibbs, we aimed to create an atmosphere where people can experience and express UNION’s sophisticated street fashion and culture.
Located on a corner, the site was a steel framed structure with a distinct feature of partial concrete placement. Here we created a plan, floor level to enhance the existing strengths of the site, and a fixture plan also coinciding with the given characteristics. Items portraying the vision of UNION, such as large speakers and a screen, art pieces, and a hand printed silk screen wall paper depicting the west coast culture was used. We aimed to create a site-specific store with a neutral-ness realized by full use of the existing structure, while enclosing into the atmosphere the “mixed” vibe which UNION cherishes as a brand.

Type of Project: Interior
Use: Boutique
Period: Dec 2017 – Apr 2018
Floor area: 174m2
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Design: Koichi Futatsumata, Yuki Onita(CASE-REAL)
Construction: D.BRAIN CO.,LTD.
Lighting Plan: BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN (Tatsuki Nakamura)
Planting: PLACERWORKSHOP (Yoichirou Uchida)
Photo: Hiroshi Mizusaki

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