We have uploaded our new interior works “INTER OFFICE FUKUOKA BRANCH&SHOWROOM” completed in Fukuoka.

(photo: Hiroshi Mizusaki)

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Newly Opened: inter office fukuoka branch&showroom

Interoffice Fukuoka Branch and Showroom, for which we were in charge of space design, is now open in a building that we were also involved in the architectural design.

Interoffice Fukuoka Branch / Showroom
STAGE1 kego, 1-4-24 Kego Chuoh-ku Fukuoka, Japan

(photo: Hiroshi Mizusaki)

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works updated: KUSAGAE BUILDING

We have uploaded our new works “KUSAGAE BUILDING” completed in Ohori area, Fukuoka.

(photo: Hiroshi Mizusaki)

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works updated: STORY

We have updated our new office project “STORY” completed in Tokyo, Japan.

(photo: Daisuke Shima)

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Newly Opened: cassette

“cassette”, an art space which we were in charged of spacial design, will open on Sep 29th. For more information about the first exhibition, please visit the cassette website.

1-2-8 Tojinmachi Chuoh-ku Fukuoka

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Newly Opened: ÉCRU

ÉCRU, a coffee and wine stand for which we were in charge of spacial design, will open on Sep 27th. In addition to the ÉCRU on the first floor, we have renovated the entire building, including both of the second and third floors as the free spaces.

OPEN 8:00~23:00 (os:22:30)
Holiday: Wednesday
1F, 1-8-15 Kusagae Chuoh-ku Fukuoka

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Newly opened: GENBUDO PARK

GENBUDO PARK” in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, has been renewed and opened.
We were in charge of basic design and supervision. Signage and graphic design was done in collaboration with BOOTLEG.

Genbudo Park
1347 Akaishi, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture 668-0801

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