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A residential project in a site surrounded by green, located in Kamakura city. In addition to the narrow rectangular shape of the site, a large mulberry tree was left in the center, along with steep cliff in the rear end of the site. We also faced the task of clearing local regulations that applied to this cliff area upon proceeding with the design. The client, which was a product designer and a piano teacher couple, requested to keep the large mulberry tree, and to situate a separate working space within the house. Based on these orders, we created a slightly angled volume with a simple gabled roof bent around the center of the site where the mulberry tree stands. This angled structure enabled us clear serval tasks simultaneously.

Regarding the exterior, a certain distance was needed from the cliff to the house to clear the local safety standards and regulations, and to maintain a certain distance from the surrounding houses was also required. The client requested to face the characteristics of the cliff not as a negative element but as something positive to partially take in. By giving an angle to the volume, we were able to create a connection between the cliff and the volume of the house, atmosphere wise, while controlling the view from the approach inwards.

By placing the entrance in the center where the volume is angled, we were able to separate the two work spaces, the design studio and piano room instinctively. Along with these two workspaces, the bathroom and other water facilities were gathered on the ground floor. The living and bedrooms were placed on the second floor to separate the public and private functions by the floors. In addition, by locating the stairs in the center we were able to create an atmosphere where the client can switch their feelings from living to bedroom, private-floor to work-floor, with the effective use of the planned flow lines and the stairwell of the angled structure. An opening was made on the West side of the volume facing the large tree in the center of the site. The design of the house enabled the client to feel the change of sunlight and the shift in seasons while staying indoors. Walls which were needed structure wise were used to create a box shaped kitchen space. Aside from the ceilings that were finished with ply-wood, the entire house was finished with a same tone of white, only by controlling the textures and gloss. Since this was a place where the client executes his design practices, we aimed to design a house with minimum elements of decoration and to maintain a neutral atmosphere throughout the entire place.

Type of Project: Newly build
Use: House
Period: Sep 2017 – Sep 2019
Structure: Wood frame
Scale: 2 Story
Building Area: 98.26m2
Floor Area: 192.55m2(1F/98.04m2, 2F/94.51m2)
Site area: 300.08m2
Location: Kanagawa, Japan
Design: Koichi Futatsumata, Yuki Onita(CASE-REAL)
Design Cooperation, Construction: Yoshida building firm
Lighting Plan: Tatsuki Nakamura(BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN)
Planting Plan: Yuko Takaura(GREENETTA)
Photo: Daisuke Shima

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