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Located in Kinosaki Onsen(hot springs) in Hyogo prefecture, “Mikiya” is a traditional Japanese ryokan known for its 300 year history and as a lodge associated with the renown novelist Naoya Shiga. The building is also known as a registered tangible cultural property, with a historical atmosphere that can be noticed throughout the wooden structure. At the same time Mikiya was facing inevitable deterioration, and started their renovation plan in 2013. Instead of a full renewal, the client was considering this renovation scheme as an “update”, thus the entire project was based on the idea of updating the facility while maintaining the existing elements and atmosphere, and proceed in several phases from bath, special room, guest rooms, washing rooms, hall room.
For the second phase, we renovated the largest room in the facility room #50. While maintaining the original functions and partially re-using the original materials, we have chosen new materials that blend into the existing atmosphere. Here we aimed to create a space along the extension of the original, where the boundaries of the new and old are vague. At a glance, it may be difficult to notice the changes, but the updates will gradually be done. With such vagueness of the new and old, we aim to create a Mikiya standing along the extension of its past.

Phase one construction : renovation of the inner bath (tsutsuji-no-yu)
Phase three construction : renovation of room #17 (hall room), other guest rooms
Phase four construction : renovation of room #22 suite room
Phase four construction : renovation of the private bath(kuruhi-no-yu, futami-no-yu)

Client: Mikiya
Type of Project: Interior
Use: Japanese Hotel
Period: Mar 2016 – Jul 2016
Location: Hyogo(Kinosaki), Japan
Design: Koichi Futatsumata, Koichi Shimohira
Construction: Kawashima Co., Ltd.
Manufacture, Coordination of Furniture: E&Y
Photo: Hiroshi Mizusaki

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