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A project for the clothing area of life style shop CIBONE’s new concept store “CONNECT”. With all functions placed within and the surroundings of the wall of this dodecagon, we drew are inspirations from a pavilion like volume with a centrality. The display fixtures and fitting rooms were placed inside. Functions to place furniture and other merchandizes were made along the peripheral, along with exhibition functions for installations. By using the characteristics of this polygon, we have aimed to absorb each function in the interior and peripheral of the space, passively mixing all different merchandizes. We wish for people to enjoy wandering in and around this polygon structure with a distinct migratory feeling deriving from its simple form.

Client: WELCOME Co., Ltd.
Type of Project: Furniture design
Use: Shop
Period: Jan 2020 – Jun 2020
Floor Area: 82.1m2
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Design: Koichi Futatsumata(CASE-REAL), Yasushi Arikawa(Design Partner)
Construction: Yoshida building firm
Photo: Daisuke Shima

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