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“STUDIO MULE” was a project to create a new space for the internationally renown house/techno record label “mule musiq”. The “studio” mentioned here is not a music studio but a “small room” in French. We were required to fulfill the owners strong taste for “electric but elegant music”, “a love for vintage audio” “authentic natural wines” in a limited 38sqm space. Our first task was to stock the owners massive collection of vintage analogue records, and to secure a space for a wine cellar to stock natural wine. To maintain these storage spaces the plan was based around a L shaped counter to separate the functions needed. Brazilian granite was used for the counter top, and by combining it with a dark green color we created a distinct calm but contemporary tone reflecting the atmosphere of the record label. The high-chairs along the bar counter were designed exclusively for this space. In addition a “M” motif, inspired by the name of the label mule, was used for reinforcement giving the chair a distinct look from the back. A small area placed besides the counter, which is referred to as a “phone booth” from the bars regulars, is a space to isolate ones self and to listen to the labels releases. From the composition of the space to the selection of each material, this was a project that heavily reflected the taste and atmosphere the owner had. We wish for the space to mature in its own way along with the time spent here.

Client: mule musiq
Type of Project: Interior
Use: Music & Wine Bar
Period: Feb 2020 – Jul 2020
Floor Area: 38.64m2
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Design: Koichi Futatsumata, Aki Hashizume(CASE-REAL)
Construction: &S co.,ltd
Lighting Plan: BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN(Tatsuki Nakamura)
Manufacture of Furniture: E&Y
Sign: Stefan Marx
Photo: Daisuke Shima

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