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The project site was a three-story building facing an intersection, located near Ohori Park in Fukuoka city. The building was renovated from an old office building to a new base for food and beverage, while keeping the exterior in its existing state with a few exceptions. The ground floor was planned as a space for “ÉCRU,” a standing-style establishment serving natural wines and coffee. The second floor was converted into a multi-purpose kitchen space that can be linked to the first floor, and the third floor was converted into a private lounge room, resulting in the renovation of all three floors.
The first floor was designed centered around a cellar room for the large stock of natural wines. While paying attention to insulation and condensation countermeasures and thoroughly controlling humidity and temperature, a bronze-colored window was placed behind the main counter to show the volume of stock as the face of the store. The counter was created to be partially L-shaped to match the shape of the section. Together with the high counter along the window, the limited interior area was effectively utilized. The two facades, which were originally blocked by fixtures and walls, were fully opened as windows to create an atmosphere that filters into the city throughout the day and night. On the other hand, the second and third floors were newly added with the necessary functions while keeping the layout adjustments to a minimum. The existing closets and pillars were utilized to make the most of the building’s age and tranquility. The building has long been recognized by the community at this crossing. We wished by maintaining its appearance that this new atmosphere will infuse this street corner from the inside.

Client: itdf
Type of Project: Interior
Use: Cafe&Bar + Multi space
Period: Feb 2022 – Sep 2022
Floor Area: 100.8m2
Location: Fukuoka, Japan
Design: Koichi Futatsumata, Sanae Furusato(CASE-REAL)
Construction: Jikuu-kenchiku-koubou
Lighting Plan: Modulex
Logo design: Koyuki Inagaki
Photo: Hiroshi Mizusaki

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